“Education for all” is one of the fundamental philosophies of Gramshree. For us, education is not limited to textbooks. It is about going beyond the conventional horizons and building a holistic curriculum. Gramshree’s skill-enhancing syllabus connects the subject matter experts to the women residing in the neglected part of society. Educating a woman means educating a family, hence an educated and aware nation. Through our series of initiatives, we intend to spur the latent potentials of the women and make them proud changemakers.





Marginalized women are multitaskers, balancing between multiple responsibilities simultaneously, in dealing with endless duties, from taking care of the family, providing sustenance, battling prevailing dogmas, and more. This leads to women neglecting a vital aspect of life is their own health and hygiene of its surrounding. Gramshree has built an eco-system where women are constantly reminded of the importance of health and nutrition by providing nutritious snacks while at work or conducting health and sanitation awareness programs. Also, Gramshree complies with Shri Mahatama Gandhi’s ideology as he emphasized adequate sanitation by quoting, “Sanitation is more important than independence.” Gramshree thoroughly educates women on the importance of having toilets, eliminating open defecation, and its impact on mother nature.
WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Leadership is directly proportionate to confidence, and the root of confidence is implied knowledge. Over the years, Gramshree has strived and been successful in facilitating the inner leader residing in women. Due to external factors, women’s living in vulnerable localities lost a sense of self-confidence. Through sharing, reading, prayer, meditation, skill-based education, and responsibilities, Gramshree has nurtured thousands of women to be empowered and become the leaders of today and tomorrow.



Together our impact knows no limits