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Ramiben Makwana – Patchwork Artist

Master Artisan of Patchwork

Master Patchwork artisans Ramiben is among the founding artisans of Gramshree Patan Center. In 2015, Gramshree, while visiting the interiors of the Patan, witnessed the creativity and skill of local women artisans turning patches of clothes into functional creations. Rami ben was among the few highly skilled and passionate patchwork artisan who connected with Gramshree to earn substance for her family and uplift the sisters of her community. Before joining the Gramshree organization, Ramiben was on a rough patch of life. Her husband was unemployed, and she and her mother-in-law were working as daily wagers at a construction site. Despite being a learned artisan, she wasn’t able to earn enough to sustain her family. Today, it’s been 15+ years since Ramiben is working with Gramshree. Her passion and love for the craft have made them the leader of the Patchwork department of Gramshree Patan Center. She is persistently working towards assisting marginalized women to become skilled artisans by training and conducting workshops. It’s her vision to generate as much employment as possible through handicrafts for the people (especially women) of Patan.

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