Saree Library

Indian is renowned as a land of diverse cultures, ethnicities and beliefs coexisting in harmony and love. There is an assorted range of clothing people wear across the national landscape. Being one of the essential pieces of ethnic clothing, Saree has been proudly worn by women across India in several fashions. Thus, the inception of the Saree library. As much as Indian women cherished wearing sarees, for some, it is a privilege. Gramshree’s Saree Library is where women can have access to premium sarees at no cost. Our generous donors donate well-in-condition sarees to these libraries, bringing a sense of happiness in the lives of women who cannot otherwise afford the saree critical to every Indian woman. This constant flow of making women smile and making them love their life a little more is what we aim to achieve. With 10 such libraries (and counting) established and 830+ women benefitted in rural and lower-income regions of Gujarat, Gramshree proves to be an all-inclusive organization, enabling marginalized women to feel empowered and joyful.