Holistic approach for welfare of the women,
by the women

"Empowering women is a prerequisite for creating a good nation, when women are empowered, society with stability is assured. Empowerment of women is essential as their thoughts and their value systems lead to development of good family, good society and ultimately good nation."

Gramshree was founded in 1995 by the first women CM of Gujarat Smt. Anandiben Patel with a prominent social entrepreneur Smt. Anarben Patel to empower and support marginalized women residing in rural and urban slums of Gujarat through income generation activities. The empowerment process was further strengthened and headed by Smt. Vandana Agrawal.

Together, we can empower women

Gramshree aims to elevate the social stature of the women deprived of opportunities due to their geographical, family and societal incompetence and make them self-reliable through teaching them skill-based jobs (e.g. handicraft, cooking, driving, nursing and more).

With women forming more than 60% of the workforce in the handicraft sector, Gramshree significantly impacted the sector by employing vulnerable yet trained women to become artisans.

Aims and Objectives

  • Making women self-sufficient by empowering them through professional skill training programs and providing them opportunities to engage in revenue producing activities.
  • Imparting quality education to women by conducting workshops and training programs that elevates their sense of self-worth.
  • Uplifting the social stature of women in the society and removing all the barriers causing a hindrance in this process.
  • Escalating the level of women’s participation in the development of the country by making their economic contribution visible to the society and the policy makers.
  • Supporting women’s right to live a dignified life and focusing on their welfare, health, security and education.