Small is beautiful

With the theme ‘Small is Beautiful’, the festival aims to express that each one is a significant element in the fabric of the city and that every single contribution leads to make this world beautiful than before.

A city is a living commune, made by relentless contributions of every generation. In the journey of evolution the seemingly tiniest of intervention lead to unparalleled outcomes. Endeavour of a non-descript teacher and nobility of a doctor, courage of a citizen and compassion of a home maker, commitment of a constable and perseverance of a student, honesty of a shopkeeper and service of a rickshaw driver – these and many such small moments from daily life makes the city what it is.

Sabarmati Festival2018, is a tribute to the faceless citizen of city, whose smallest of contributions makes this city beautiful. The festival’s second edition shall be an attempt to admire, appreciate and acknowledge these series of small acts performed by millions of un-noticed individuals in the course of history of the city of Ahmedabad.

The festival also aims to encourage volunteerism among the youth and involve them with the theme in an experiential manner.

Segments : Faculties of culture and creativity in which activities are undertaken.