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Tejal Rawal – A story of Passion, Grit and Determination

A story of Passion, Grit and Determination.

The Khakhra training Program was commenced to uplift the lives of marginalized women by imparting income-generating skills. Gramshree and Share & Care collaboration has been fruitful due to a long chain of empowering activities across Gujarat’s rural and lower-income areas.

Khakhra Training Program is a transformational wave that has empowered many lives. One such instance happened in the Kada village when out of 35 participants, an enthusiastic women named Tejalben optimally utilized and earned benefits from the program. Tejalben is an ITI graduate with ambitions to achieve more and reach greater heights in her life. However, the responsibility of marriage and two kids refrained her from taking any full-time employment. However, there is a saying, “where there’s will there’s a way,” Tejalban’s innate enthusiasm and curiosity to learn enabled her to be trained in the art of Khakhra making. She learned to cook different styles of Khakhra, and as a part of the culture trait, she offered the Khakhras to her neighbors. Soon the word spread, as the deliciousness of Tejalben’s Khakhra was something that attracted many people. In a month of Khakhra making, Tejal ben earned her first remuneration of 5,500/- by working three hours a day. Hence, an entrepreneur was born.

Tejalben could see the hard work paying off, and soon she began frequently visiting the Gramshree’s Khakhra center supported by Share & Care Foundation and took other trained women to be a part of a team. Gradually, Tejalben’s confidence and income began growing. Today, her diligence, hard work, and passion for doing more are transforming many community lives. She aims to produce Khakhras on a large scale which helps boost the economy of the village and empowers women to be the catalyst of development.

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